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Monthly Activity Report: October 2016

I am excited to share with you the great things which happened last month! First of all, I started shooting through a piece of acrylic glass for my “Material” series. Secondly, I got interviewed about the “Don’t Move” series for a radio program on Radio Television Switzerland. Last but not least, from now on you can purchase a selection of carefully curated pieces of my prints in high resolution/quality. Only a SINGLE copy from each picture will ever be made available, which means it’s definitely bound to be a one of kind piece of art. I ship worldwide so don’t miss out on the opportunity to decorate your home sweet home with a 100% unique item.

“Glass” a sub-element of the “Material” series

During the first session, I was lucky I got to work with two beautiful models: Héloise Marcacci and Mehdi Berdai, the latter of whom is incidentally one of the dancers featured in “The Dancer” series just below.

Funnily enough, I requested a discount before purchasing the acrylic glass because it was slightly damaged. When attempting to put it inside my car, I realized that it was never going to fit because there just wasn’t enough space for it. As a result, I resorted to bending the glass slightly and broke it even further. I’m such a genius…

Anyway, luckily I can still get something out of it thanks to the eerie and magical powers of Photoshop.

The Dancer series

Here are some new pics for this series featuring the ever so beautiful Floriane Michaud and Mehdi Berdai.

Don’t Move series

I also shot additional photos to promote my interview about “Don’t Move” on Switzerland’s RTS. There are a few selected pictures below and you’ll find the rest of it here: Don’t Move series

See you next month, folks!

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