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Music And Photography

‘m fairly sure that most of you are unaware of me also being (besides a photographer) a musician. Sadly, I have a thing with stuff out of which no money can be made…
I started playing drums and the piano at age 8 and have found music to be an outstanding way of expressing myself.
This being said, I do hate it in music how everything takes way longer than expected. When founding a band, you first need to compose a few songs, rehearse them endlessly to make sure they are super tight, lay them down in a recording studio, tastefully mix the audio, send the result to a mastering studio, look for a record label to release the final product, reach out to clubs and festivals to play live and, last but not least, contact journalists to get press coverage.
This is a frustratingly inefficient process which takes, at best, months and most likely years and costs a fortune!
What immediately struck me when I bought my first camera – a Canon 600D –  2 years ago, was how quickly and easily photography projects could move forward:
It is usually a matter of a few days between the initial idea for a photo shoot and its final publication on my Website or Instagram. Not to mention that most of the time, it costs nothing.
Moreover, I feel that photography enables me to be fully in charge of my own success, whereas in music it partially depends on the goodwill from the record labels, club programmers and journalists (although it certainly also helps a photographer to get articles).
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