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The Making of my Body Painting series


met Fanny Conus, an amazing painter from Switzerland, a few years ago through mutual friends and instantly fell in love with her work – especially with her abstract paintings. At some point, we indirectly collaborated when she created a painting which was inspired by a song of mine.

Recently, I was randomly browsing through a few Body Painting galleries on Pinterest and was left wondering why people keep on painting bodies to make them look like either superheroes or animals. I started thinking how cool it would look to get abstract art painted directly on a naked body. I gave Fanny a call and asked her whether she would give it a shot. Not only did she say yes, but she came with the brilliant idea of blending the model into the hand-painted floor.

I contacted a beautiful and adventurous model who accepted to be a guinea pig in this endeavor. I sought out for the best raw material available throughout the city – much to my surprise, all that I could find after a few days of searching were tiny makeup sets for children.

Quite embarrassing

We discussed it through with the model and we eventually decided that it was worth taking the risk of applying the material that Fanny was typically using in her paintings (tempera, acrylic and India ink) directly on the skin.

We also asked the model to pick up a song as the session soundtrack. She selected “Guaranteed” by Eddie Vedder.

You can see the final result of this collaboration here:

On a final note, the paint was quite easily removed after taking a shower, but unfortunately, the model experienced an allergic reaction to it (skin rash and itching) for a few days after applying the tempera paint. I suggest you NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME!

Some behind the scenes pics

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